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So Golf, So Powerful!

Between the vast blue sky and the green fields

We can think differently and reexamine a new relationship with this world

Stay positive, stay optimistic, and stay peaceful

These are what golf offers to us as a bonus

We always wonder what education is

The essence of education is:

a tree shakes another tree, a cloud pushes another cloud,

a spirit awakens another spirit

So Golf doesn't just teach you how to play golf

But also tirelessly promote the spirit of golf and life philosophy 


Because in our hearts

Golf, not just golf

It is a journey of integrity, humility, self-discipline, courage, and wisdom

It is our attitude when facing challenges and hardship

It is a way of life

We wish So Golf can stay with you

So Golf, so powerful!

A lot of people think that playing golf is expensive

But in fact, the quality golf exhibits is worth more

Just like how the wealthy are not always aristocrats

Golf has cultivated a true high-class spirit

because of its unique etiquette

This is also the reason why we love golf

Life is like an 18 hole game

The biggest challenges we face are never external, they come from within ourselves

Leave our last shot behind

Transform our difficulties and setbacks into perseverance and courage 

And give our best for our next shot

The moment you swing

You will feel the light glowing inside your heart

It needs your calm decision making and decisiveness

It releases your pressure, revealing the height and experiences of your life

Brand Story

Our Mission

What are we striving for

We want more people to understand, play, and experience the fascination of golf. We want ambitious students to improve quickly with the help of our expertise, and make their dreams come true.

What can we offer you

We will focus on your needs and use our professional knowledge to provide you with lessons of the best quality. You will be introduced to the rules and etiquette of golf while you broaden your horizons and improve yourself

What makes us different

  1. Top-notch instructors: excellent educational resources, Canadian Top 50 Golf coaches

  2. Multilingual advantage: From communication to teaching, we have a distinct advantage in the Chinese market

  3. High-quality training facility: we are equipped with training machines and indoor golf simulators

  4. Our passion for golf: We created So golf out of our love for golf. Our students experience our passion, care, and patience, making them feel like home

Our Vision

Creating change

and influence your life

to appreciate the charm of golf

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