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The Genesis of So Golf

Golf is a kind of sport that combines elegance and dynamics, which is why golf is "so" worth enjoying for a lifetime. In addition, the sound of  "so" is similar to the sound of a golf ball soaring through the air.


We can see "so" conveys the meaning of golf as the perfect sport which is suitable for everyone. Moreover, "so" comes from the first letters of our academy's founder, Sophia. 

What We Offer

Classes for All Ages

Every student has their own goals when it comes to playing golf, and all our different types of lessons can fulfill students of any age.

High Quality Training Facility

So Golf Academy houses the best high definition simulators in Toronto, along with a complete set of training machines for you to improve your game.

Personalized Teaching Experience

Our experienced instructors can immediately identify problems and provide a personalized curriculum, allowing students to advance quickly.

Broad Teaching Vision

Golf isn't just about the number of strokes, it's also about respect, self-discipline, intelligence, and bravery. Our students will learn more than just hitting the ball.  

‏‏‎ ‎Friendly Community

We organize many activities and events which are a great way to socialize with other students, creating a friendly and family-like environment.

Our Facility

So Golf Academy is the most family-friendly indoor golf training facility in Toronto! We have high definition simulators where players use real clubs and balls to enrich their golf experience.​ It helps both beginners and professionals improve their skills and gain self-confidence on the course. We imported the most advanced professional golf training equipment to help you correct your movement, enhance your muscle memory, and using the latest technology to improve your performance.

Fun, Practice, Professional training, Games, Events, we have it all!

Our Training Equipment

Body Machine

Putting Machine

Swing Machine

Power Machine







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